Deer are deer, people are jerks

If you've read my blog for a while you know that deer (and other animals) visit my garden regularly. (In fact, deer probably spend more time in my garden than I do.) A couple of years ago I spotted this guy:

There's a big buck in the neighborhood right now (probably not the same one pictured above), and he's causing some commotion.


My Easiest Pond Protection Ever!

When I worked on the pond this spring to fix some leaks, it got quite a bit smaller. I knew this would help once fall came, as keeping the leaves out of the water had been so difficult in past years (and my failure to do so last year led to the pond's death, which prompted the remake).

This year though was the easiest ever. It literally took me five minutes!


Sexy Succulents (Tasty Too?)

With a night or two of freezes recently (before returning to 80ºF/26ºC temps) I had to move several potted succulents into the garage.

This gave me a good chance to look at most of them. They're quite beautiful after a season outside!


Bamboo Planting, part 2

In the previous post I showed you the "easy" bamboo planting. It was "easy" because it was something I could do myself. Sure it took three hours, but that's garden time so it's fun, right?

Today I show you the two bamboos on the other edge of the yard, and describe the planting process.


Bamboo planting, part 1

With the site cleared of the old bamboo, it was ready to plant the "new" one. This wasn't a case of grabbing the black nursery pot that contained the new plant though.

I would be moving this bamboo that has been growing in this box for a few years. I had planned it out carefully, but was still concerned that I might have overlooked some important detail.


Bamboo Removal

Back near the end of September I posted about my bamboo removal project, how I had hired a neighbor kid with a strong workout ethic to dig out three of my disappointing bamboos.

About sixteen long, hot hours later, the bamboos are gone! It's been a few years since I've had clear views into my neighbor's yards.


Banana Surprise

My bananas (Musa basjoo) did pretty well this year, even though they got little water. We had a mostly rain-free summer, and I don't remember watering these more than one time... if I did at all.

They're not quite as big as last year, but still manage to surprise me.



After many hours of effort, much downloading, re-downloading, checking and double-checking, some headaches and discoveries...

...I can now declare VICTORY! I have saved this blog from the folly that is Photobucket!


test post - ignore

This is just a test post, please ignore.

If you can't help reading, this post is to test the last stage of my blog saving efforts.


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