Ack! Not cool, Photobucket

So you may have noticed that the images on most of the posts here (except for a few recent ones) have been replaced with Photobucket's "broken link" image. So annoying. I'd say that "it bugs me"...

...but that is not nearly expressive enough. I am so frustrated, especially since Photobucket told me that my links would not break until my account was up for renewal.


Will it survive?

Ah, I bet you think I'm talking about something in my garden -- will it survive the heat, or drought, or whatever. Alas, I wish I were talking about a plant.

No, I'm talking about this blog. The thing you're reading right now.


New trellis

You know I like to build things for my garden. You may also know that I like to upcycle, repurpose, reuse. Well the slightly cooler weather had me in project mode on Monday...

...and it all started with the parts of an old dog crate that I salvaged from my neighbor's trash a summer or two ago (I've lost track). Add a little cedar and I'd get a custom trellis!


Agave love

I've had a decent (too big for my climate?) Agave collection for a few years, ever since several were gifted to me by a downsizing gardener. This is the first year that I've really been blown away by one though.

Agave weberi 'Arizona Star' loves its new spot on the south side of the house!


Back in the garden again!

As you probably have noticed, I've been going long stretches this summer without posting -- sometimes only one post a week (or less)! Mainly this is due to a busy schedule that leaves little time for gardening, but it's also due to the weather, as it's just been a very hot summer. Until now that is.

High temperatures around 85ºF (29ºC) with lower than normal humidity have given me the will to spend some time working outside. With a long list of tasks to tackle -- some of them being quite labor intensive -- I just jumped in with the first thing I saw: Milkweed.


New sculptures

I've been working on some new garden sculpture designs, sticking to my current focus of mixing wooden cubes with metal rods.

This is a variation on the earlier work, and I call this one "Quad Cubes Z".


What the deer can't resist

Looking out of the kitchen window a week or two ago (the days seem to be flying by this year!) I watched a deer browsing near one of my garden beds, eating violets or something else in the lawn.

As I watched the deer nosed into my raised bed, seemingly eyeing my solitary remaining purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea). I waited, knuckles close to the window ready to knock if it looked as if it would bite the last bloom.


Too big - pachypodium

We had a storm come through last night. I didn't hear it, but knew it this morning as I looked out the front window... my Pachypodium lamerei. That big, spiky beast that is a focal point of the front garden. Wait, where is it?!


Castor Bean: July

Another quick "snapshot" post, just to see where things are as of early July. Unlike yesterday's bananas which are already impressive, today's subject are the castor beans.

If they behave as they did last year they will reach 10' (3m) or more tall by the end of the summer, but right now they're far from that.


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