Wednesday Vignette: workshop greenery

I've been spending a lot of time in the workshop lately, and it's the place where my new career and main passion (gardening) currently meet.

True, if I lived in a warmer climate I'd probably not have much in the way of plants that need to overwinter, or I'd find a better spot in which to place them for the colder months.


A little bit smaller: Mini-Bayce

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to the Bayce, a plant container/stand that I make by hand here in St. Louis (and that you can own).

Today, meet Mini-Bayce, the smaller version of Bayce!


More indoor growth

Last week I talked about the cactus that always seem to grow during the winter, regardless of how much light or water they get. Although I'm happy to see something growing at all during winter, my excitement is balanced by worry -- that winter growth won't be as "strong" as it will be once the plant moves back outside in the spring.

Today I'll show you something that I'm very excited about, no negative to balance it out: my fiddle-leaf fig.


Growing, why?

One thing I've learned after several years of overwintering plants indoors is that there is a balance that you need to strike between growing and not. The "not" is semi-dormancy and this is what I want for most of the plants, but some of them I actually want to push out new growth.

Some grow when I do not want them to, and I can't really figure out why. These "Nopales" cactus for instance, of which I have several. They insist on creating new pads every winter, even though they may have very little light and water.


Shapes and Patterns

I'm in a shapes and patterns mood today.

So just photos of lines and circles and related from around the garden, all visible from inside the warm house (with a telephoto lens).


Wednesday Vignette: kitchen window view

The view through my kitchen window has changed so much over the past 5 years -- it has become one of my favorite vignettes. Perfect for The Wednesday Vignette hosted by Anna!

The main feature of this vignette is the bamboo.


Winter, in black and white

The stark beauty of Winter is often overlooked, as the clearest, prettiest days are usually the coldest.

Today I've decided to post a few photos that I've taken recently, but in black and white. The removal of color variations lets you focus on the structure, and of course winter structure to me means trees.


Winter Trees are Art

On Friday we took advantage of a sunny afternoon and spent a couple of hours at the St. Louis Art Museum. Before we had even gotten inside I saw art...

...not in the outdoor sculptures, but in the birch trees. Winter trees really speak to me!


Introducing: Trang

I told you that I've had three projects going recently and shown you the first (Bayce), the second (my chair refurbish), and now the third: Trang!

What is it? Read on to find out what Trang is all about...


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