In a vase on Monday (on Tuesday)

As noted in my last post I got to spend as much time as I wanted in the garden yesterday, which ended up being five hours or so. Weeding, planting, pruning -- that last one reminded me that it's time again for that fun meme "In a Vase on Monday".

So I salvaged a few of the fresh but wayward bamboo culms that were just cut and built a vase around them. Which I'm posting a day late, again.


Monday Miscellany

I'm looking forward to spending a good few (many?) hours in the garden today, but here's a collection of tidbits from late last week. Starting with some advice to self: remember to move the agaves out from underneath the mulberry tree before the berries start dropping next year:

This is where I put them in the partial sunlight to acclimate from indoors, and I admit I was a bit lazy with them.



When all goes well, bamboo gets taller each year. In my climate (St. Louis) it's winter that is usually the deciding factor on what "went well" (although summer rainfall is a factor too).

Last winter was so mild the bamboo are all upsizing this year. The Phyllostachys aureosulcata 'Aureocaulis' next to the driveway looks like it will add a couple of feet in height.


Another rescue, very different

The wildlife rescues just keep coming. Strange how I'm out in the garden about 5 minutes every day lately but there's time enough to find animals in distress. This rescue did not involve downspouts or disassembly or even a creature in apparent distress. In fact it was only chance that I happened upon it.

The house finches have finally built a nest on my porch again. They've done it for years now, raising two broods per annum but since the nest area remained clear until just a week ago, I thought they had given up on me in 2016.


Rescue surprise!

It seems every year we're rescuing some bird from a gutter downspout. Yesterday as I was putting dinner onto plates I heard that telltale scrabbling again, the sound of tiny claws on sheet metal.

So I grabbed my tools and started disassembling the downspout. This one was right next to the deck so all of it was easy to reach, even without a ladder.


Two bamboo stories

Two bamboo-related topics today, starting with the Pleioblastus shibuyanus 'Tsuboi' in the front garden. If you remember it looked like this last year, putting out tufts of foliage on top of taller-than-I-wanted culms:

Then at the end of March I decided what to do about this and did some radical pruning.


Friday Miscellany

After the loss of the duckling and a busy weekend coming up, all I can muster is a random collection today.

Starting with these hosta. Some of my first planted I often wondered if they were too close together. Now that I see how they combine, I'm glad I didn't give them more space!


It takes a village

My neighbors and I have combined to bring a duckling into the world, and more importantly, into my pond!

I've posted about the ducks before, how they hang out in my pond but then walk across the street to my neighbor's bird feeder. The deer and squirrels spill the seed and the ducks benefit. Another neighbor texted me about three weeks ago saying that ducks were building a nest in one of his planter boxes. One with a pond, one with the food, one with the nesting site.



Something exciting is about to happen in my garden if all goes to plan.

Everybody can feel it.


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