Another bamboo tale

Since temperatures have been around 70ºF (21ºC) for the last few days, I decided that it was time -- as early as it is -- to get the stream running again. I'm not going to show you that, as it involves lots of black, smelly water.

I will share something I noticed though, as I stood back and admired the scene (that moving water makes such a big difference!)


Briefly, bamboo

Every year as winter comes to a close (or appears to as our crazy warm temperatures seem to indicate) I take a look at the bamboos and assess the cold damage that was done.

Although we've had an overall quite mild winter, there were a couple of cold snaps where the temperature got down to about 4ºF (-15ºC) each time. Even a night of this will cause damage to most temperate bamboos.


Amazing: life!

I talked a bit about the trouble I have growing hellebores, but today I'm amazed at something else:

I've been able to keep rhubarb alive!


Coconut, round 2

My first battle with the coconut didn't go too well, and since I was tired of having the partly-open thing on the kitchen counter, I got serious yesterday.

The result: success! Sort of.


What's the deal with my Hellebores?

I've grown just a couple of hellebores during my time as a gardener, and I have to admit, I'm not having much success.

The first one I got was a large division, and it died before the end of the season. There was another somewhere that I don't remember seeing for the last couple of years, and this is my current one. Doesn't look too bad, but where are the blooms?



Remember the coconut I brought home from Florida? I was trying to decide if I should try to let it sprout, or just eat it.

I decided that letting it sprout would just result in a year or more of extra work (trying to keep the plant alive) if it even worked, so time to eat!


Winter color

Just some color that I noticed today in the garden.

It was a bit warmer so I spent a few minutes walking around. Not as much fun as in spring, but the garden is still quite enjoyable.


Florida beach life

In early January we took a much-needed vacation and spent a week on the beaches of Sanibel island in Florida.

Since our days were spent walking the shoreline and lounging on the beach, this post is about the wildlife we found, all of it fascinating to us. Don't expect to learn any names though, as "crab" is about the best I can do on most of these.


Ficus #2 update

I had forgotten that I drastically pruned another ficus last year, and thought I'd show that too.

I bother to post about these probably because they are the two best looking houseplants I grow. Not the most exciting of post topics, but more evidence that radical pruning is sometimes the best thing for a plant.


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