What is it? Fish food!

Do you know what this is? I'm talking about the little squiggles in the bottom of the cup.

For a hint, this is some rainwater that was left standing for a few days (it picked up some tea-like coloring from soil or leaves). If you said "mosquito larvae" you're right!


A few nice combos

Just a few nice plant combos today, where fine texture and big leaves meet.

Mexican feather grass and clary sage. Both small plants but we'll see what happens next year...


Nothing to report

Remember a few months back when I saw the turtle making a nest and laying eggs? I had read that they turtles usually emerge 90 days after laying.

I have to report: nothing happening so far.


What color are they?

So here's a question: what color are these castor bean plants? Obviously they're green, right?

This is the view of my garden as you approach, driving up the street, walking your dog, or just taking a stroll. Nothing makes big leaves more impressive than a little sun-powered backlighting!



For the next week or so, posts may be a little on the short side. Work is hectic and some travel is involved, so blogging time will be limited. Plus I need to slow down a bit, relax.

Like a Tillandsia soaking in a tub, I will enjoy the end of summer, letting stresses float away.


Look up -- I mean down!

It's that time of the year again. The time when the castor beans are big and wonderful, the grasses are for the most part at their peak, and there's too much going on above eye level that I'm missing out on.

In other words, it's time for the bird's-eye view of the garden again! (Time for the camera to go up on the pole.)


Take a chance?

I have a question for those of you who garden and sometimes make "questionable" plant purchases. By that I mean: plants that might not be right for your garden's conditions or your climate, things that you know might someday get out of hand, things that might be a little dangerous, or things that are just kind of expensive.

I'm considering making one of those "questionable" purchases very soon. As in the next day or two. And yes, for those of you who know the plant shown above, it's Tetrapanax papyrifer.


Work crew means trouble

We had the shingles on our roof replaced last week. Anybody who has had exterior work on their house knows that the plants are not the crew's main concern, and I knew this before the work started. I had prepared myself mentally (and emotionally) for some damage.

What I always forget though is that those who are not gardeners usually don't understand which plants can take some abuse and which really don't want to be fiddled with, be it hand, rake or whatever. So you sometimes get lucky and shingles are dropped on the right kind of plant (like bamboo above). Usually though you're not that lucky.


Quiet Banana Plant Morning

A couple of new leaves just unfurled on the Musa basjoo, and they caught the morning sun so well...

...I just had to share.


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