The Front Garden, September 2019

I thought that it would be a good time to show you the front garden -- the view that my neighbors get, and what I see when I pull up to the house each day.

You'll notice a lot of bamboo. It's been over 10 years since I got the bamboo collection bug, and this plant still delights me! There are seven or eight different types in the front here.


Here's a wider shot -- I didn't want to use this one as the banner image for this post because it's too wide, but it gives you the big picture:

Click to see it larger (right-click and "open in new window" might be the best way to see it big).

From the other direction:

A wide shot, head-on:

At the right of that photo (the south side of my property), you get a glimpse down the side yard:

I'll show you that in another post though.

Back to the front of the house, for the walkway:

I had some successes here this year, and a few failures.

One of the successes is a new canna, about 8' (2.4m) tall!

Looking from the porch toward the street, you can see that it's a bit of a gauntlet run to get to the house:

I should remember that plants love to lean into open spaces (to get more light I suppose), so they'll always go into walkways.  I never do remember though. (That clay pot on the walkway ended up being there for two months. I don't get too many visitors.)

Turning to the left (south), you see some good and some bad:

The sago palm has since put on a huge new flush of leaves -- it looks tiny and sad in this photo (from late September). The Pachypodium just keeps going, and I'm afraid to give it the bigger pot that it needs. It's going to be close to the ceiling when I bring it indoors in a couple of days...

Toward the corner of the house, you can just see the dead Euonymous that I never got around to removing (visible in previous photo too). It would be an easy task if I didn't want to dig out the roots too. Maybe this fall...

More of the bamboo. Is it just me, or is that a very attractive plant? Love it!

Looking at it from the other direction (it's the one at the back in this photo):

Yeah, I should probably keep the sidewalk more clear, but it's easy enough for walkers to swerve a bit, right?

So now to the photo that I debated sharing. I debated because it's ugly, and shows my biggest failure for this year: the driveway bed:

Of course the rose is hideous (good for a few weeks each spring, then downhill from there -- I'm determined to cut it down this autumn), but nothing else over here really worked this year. The castor beans never grew, nor did the colocasia or grasses.  I really need to fertilize heavily next year I think.

But maybe you wouldn't notice this too much, because the view down the driveway is more appealing?

And that wraps up the look at the front garden, circa 2019. I hope you enjoyed it!

(Photos taken late September 2019)


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luv2garden  – (October 29, 2019 at 11:09 AM)  

I agree with your love of bamboos. They lend your garden a graceful peaceful air.

chavliness  – (November 2, 2019 at 11:09 AM)  

"castor beans never grew"? Goodness, I'm shocked. I've seen it flourish in your garden in the past, at times it's known for being a reseeding monster.
The Pachypodium is very cool. As a master carpenter you aught to devise a custom winter inclosure to accommodate this prickly giant :-D

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