About this site

"It's not work, it's gardening!" is the way I feel about gardening. Yes, it actually can be hard work creating and maintaining a garden, but when you love doing it, it's work you don't mind doing. This is my suburban St. Louis garden blog.

This site started in March 2010 as a "diary" of my work in the garden. I want it to be not only a record of things I do in the yard, but also a resource for others who have their own garden projects.

It's often helpful to know what to expect before you jump in to a project, isn't it?

On this site I want to:

  • Give you an idea of how much effort is involved in gardening by watching me garden
  • Share with you interesting things that I discover in my garden
  • Show you many different plants, some of which will hopefully be new to you
  • Detail various projects, from building trellises to creating ponds and more
  • Get you excited about plants, gardening, and encourage you to garden yourself
So please follow along as I create and maintain my garden and continue turning my yard into an interesting, exciting, alive space, filled with visual treats, fragrance, sound, and discovery.


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