Seven-year anniversary: best of INWIG 2016

Hey, I only just realized that I never did a "best of 2016" post last March!  Here it is, only 351 days late!

According to Blogger I made my first blog post on March 5, 2010 which means today is my seven-year anniversary!  One of the main reasons for creating this blog was so I'd document everything I did in the garden, and I have to admit I've done a pretty good job of that. Did I list every detail of every task I did? No, certainly not. I missed lots of stuff, including some important details such as what exact varieties of veggies I planted, spacings, fertilization schedules, etc. but I also shared a lot of things that I would normally have just observed and enjoyed for myself, and have hopefully given some entertainment and knowledge to you, my readers.

Today, as I've done every March 5 since I started, I'm going to take a look back over the past year and list my favorite posts in chronological order. If you haven't seen them before please take a look. If you have seen them already, then take another look -- it's still fun! I did this type of post on my previous anniversaries too, and I really like the way they turned out. Expect it every year.


This is an "index" of my favorite posts from the last twelve months (March 2016 - February 2017). This, like the previous "best of" posts, is a great page to start -- if you want to send somebody a link to show them what this site is all about, this is a great one to send.
Click the titles/dates to get to the full posts.


(Please let me know in the comments if I listed any of your favorites here)

Wednesday Vignette: Drama   16 March 2016

A very warm day ends with a very dramatic cloud.

Bradford Pears: Spring Beauty and Bane  22 March 2016

These common ornamental trees are taking over in Missouri, and you can see this when they're blooming.

Another view of Shaw Nature Reserve   07 April 2016

We took another trip to Shaw Nature Reserve and saw springtime wild flowers and the effects of the December flooding.

Snake!   19 April 2016

A rare snake sighting in my garden -- so exciting!

A little more snake    22 April 2016

My first look at a tiny prairie ring-necked snake.

Stinky but Pretty    06 May 2016

My voodoo lily flowered. These are best seen in photos, not in person. Phew! 

It takes a village   19 May 2016

The story of my pond's cutest inhabitant.

Tiny bugs    01 June 2016

Macro shots of some insect nymphs. One of my favorite things about gardening!

Opuntia blooms    08 June 2016

This was the most spectacular blooming of my cactus bed!

Something different    11 July 2016

We visited Meramec Caverns and Hannibal, Missouri on two separate day trips.

A view from indoors     08 August 2016

I show you what my garden looks like from inside the house.

Another Amphibian Adventure    23 August 2016

Frog eggs in the front water barrel!

Surprising Turtles      23 September 2016

I catch a couple of box turtles in the act.

Cuckoo sees stars...     27 September 2016

My first (I think) Cuckoo sighting could have been under better circumstances.

Three Mantises and more     12 October 2016

It was a mantis party, with this uniquely colored one standing out.

Looking up, things are?       18 October 2016

In search of unique post topics, I give you a look at my bigger plants from below.

Pecans!      14 November 2016

I visit a small pecan farm not too far from my house.

Late November Look     6 December 2016

A look at how bamboo contributes to my garden in autumn.

Ice: beauty or beast?      16 January 2017

Ice coats everything in a beautiful way!

Florida beach life      30 January 2017

Images of a surprising array of beach wildlife from our vacation earlier in the month.

Coconut, round 2      8 February 2017

I finally get the $@%! coconut husk off.

So that's my selection of the "best" posts from the 7th year of It's Not Work, It's Gardening! I'm certain that I've missed some great posts -- it's sometimes difficult to pick just a few from each month.

Please browse the site and find more -- I know you'll enjoy yourself. Also use the "Best Of..." buttons near the top of the right column of every page to get to the "best" posts of every year.

Thanks for reading and commenting -- I really appreciate it!

By the way, if you've not commented before I'd love to hear from you!


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outlawgardener  – (February 19, 2018 at 7:21 PM)  

Happy almost seventh anniversary! You chose some great favorites from the past year.

Unknown  – (February 20, 2018 at 10:46 PM)  

Great post! My favorites are the Snakes, mantises and the cloud shots from March 16. I even found myself in a bamboo entry as I was running through old posts:) I definitely keep learning. Thanks!

Alan  – (February 22, 2018 at 10:51 AM)  

Peter: my seventh is way past, the eighth is almost here already. Where does the time go?

Jason: glad you're still finding it to be rewarding. I too enjoy reading back over older posts, so glad I'm not the only one. :)

Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)  – (February 27, 2018 at 10:20 AM)  

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You were my original inspiration for regular blogging :-)

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