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Gardening Blogs

Bamboo, Succulents and More - Gerhard Bock talks about his small but beautiful suburban garden in California. I get a little jealous when I see his planting beds and hear him talk about the climate there, but I've got more space than him and less worries about drought, so we're even.

Danger Garden -- Loree Bohl loves the spiky plants. As she says "Nice plants are boring – my love is for plants that can hurt you. Agave, yucca, anything with a spine or spur!" She also loves walking around her Portland neighborhood showing us examples of gardens she spots.

Rock Rose -- Jenny (who lived and gardened in St. Louis before relocating to Texas years ago) has a fantastic garden full of natives, rock, stonework -- it's beautiful in any photo I've ever seen. Jenny also travels quite a bit, visiting gardens all over the world.


Needmore Bamboo - A small bamboo nursery near Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in cold-hardy bamboo (located in USDA zone 6). This is where I got most of my bamboo plants.

Bamboo Garden Nursery - One of the largest bamboo nurseries in the Pacific Northwest. Their site has much info about many species.

Bambooweb Forums - The place to go to ask questions about growing bamboo, find help with identification of an unknown bamboo, see lots of user-submitted photos, and talk about anything related to bamboo.

Plants in General

Mobot Plantfinder - The Missouri Botanical Gardens plant database. Although not the prettiest pages around, the database is very large and will give you plenty of information. Use the "plantfinder" search, or browse by botanical or common names. Especially nice for those of us gardening near St. Louis, as the plant descriptions often give details of how the plant performs in this area.


What's That Bug? - A nice insect identification site. If you can't find an image of the insect you're trying to ID, you can send in your photo and they'll try to ID it for you. - Another insect identification site. I've found this site to be a little hard to use sometimes, but can still be quite helpful at least in narrowing down the ID.

Insecta Photo Gallery by Tom Murray - (at A great, huge collection of insect images. It seems to be much easier to use than Start at this page, then select the type of insect and go from there -- all in photos.


Smart Enough to Know Better - "A podcast of science, comedy, and ignorance". I love this podcast and wish episodes were produced more than once or twice a month. Very funny, full of interesting science tidbits, and always entertaining. (You can listen right in your browser, or download for offline listening.)

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