Catching Up: Japanese Maple

It's been a while since I've posted, but I've missed sharing some of my garden happenings this past summer. So I'm doing a series of catch-up posts to show you the highlights...

...starting with my main Japanese Maple. It's so good early in the growing season, where its red really shines, and it can strongly complement the bamboos.


So vibrant, especially against the fresh green of big bamboo leaves:

I transplanted some bamboo into the planter box next to this tree, hoping for this exact situation. Success!

As long as you only look at it from this one angle that is.

As you can see, about half of this tree died over the winter! Half!

Pruning isn't going to fix that. Unless by "fix" you mean "make it look completely weird".

So of course I just left it all summer, letting maypop and other vines climb on it as usual. I suppose I'll deal with it in the spring.

(These photos taken at the end of April)


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luv2garden  – (October 14, 2019 at 11:33 AM)  

Sad when a beautiful tree loses half it's canopy. However, I have observed that with the right pruning and patience the tree often re-sprouts and regrows to balance out it's canopy. good luck

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