Weird Winter?

So I've been noticing: it's been a pretty weird winter, at least here in St. Louis. For example, here's yesterday's forecast:

Yes, it was over 80ºF (27ºC) yesterday, dropping to 32ºF (0ºC) at night.  (Our normal high is about 45ºF / 7ºC)


So is a 50ºF (10ºC) temperature drop normal for us? No, but it's not so unusual this winter. Here's what we saw on January 11:

Hey, another 50ºF (10ºC) drop!

I'm going to have to buy some of those pants that convert into shorts I think.

Anybody else having a weird winter?


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danger garden  – (February 18, 2018 at 12:27 PM)  

Not nearly as weird as yours, but... after the second warmest January on record now winter is back. We might get snow today and tomorrow night might make it into the teens.

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