So that's where I was keeping it!

The extra dirt I apparently like to carry around that is. I don't do it intentionally, but it happens. You see, these gloves are so comfy, flexible, and sturdy that I don't really notice when they start getting a bit... stiff.

They don't even look that bad right now -- not too dirty. They shouldn't be keeping the form of my hand though, which is a sign that I really need to wash them. It's been months since I have.


Sometimes I'll just do this outdoors in a bucket, and I've even thrown them in the machine at least once. Since it's 25ºF (-4ºC) outside right now the bucket is not an option, and I don't have any other filthy garden clothes right now to put in the washing machine, so sink it is.

Start out with a rinse.

Um, that's a lot of dirt. So I have to rinse them a few times until the water turns only slightly brown.

Then it's time to add the dish soap:

This brings out about as much dirt as the initial rinse, which is always surprising:

Then it's just rinse a couple of times, soap up again, and repeat.

Repeat three or four more times. Maybe five.

It seems like I can never get all of the dirt out, so I just sort of wash and rinse until I get bored.

Not perfectly clean water, but not too bad either. The gloves are just going to get all dirty again in another few days or weeks, so no point in being a perfectionist.

The result is a "clean", soft, comfortable pair of gloves again.

Interesting that this pair has lasted longer than the previous pair I bought. That first pair lasted about a year before the fingers started wearing through. I guess I didn't work as hard in 2011 as I did in 2010... I did move a lot of rocks though when building the pond, and that tears through gloves more than anything.

Maybe those extra layers of dirt I was carrying around made the gloves sturdier?

I knew there was a reason I didn't wash these months ago when they needed it!


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