Kitten update: 7 weeks

Another week has gone by, and the kittens are as energetic as ever. They've gotten much less clumsy, and can jump up on things without falling (most of the time). They're better runners now too, and can zoom around the garage without crashing into things (most of the time).

They've been spending the last few days in the garage though, since their mom (Super-whitey) is really interested in the boy cat (Whitey) that hangs around outside. Not sure what I'm going to do about that situation yet...

*** for now they stay in the garage. Believe me, there is plenty of "stuff" to investigate in the garage, and they have balls to play with (paper, plastic, and "super" varieties) so they're not completely bored.

Tiny toe is too busy to look at the camera:

"I'm not too busy -- I'll look at it!" says Tiny whitey:

Tiny toe is a little more shy than his sister, and will go under stuff a lot. Not to hide, but just to have a little privacy I think.

Or maybe he's practicing his "laying in wait" hunting technique. He's definitely fond of pouncing and jumping.

He's under a low cart here, so I apologize for the "headband" shadow, but I couldn't get the camera any lower:

Tiny whitey has plenty of energy, but she's also more eager for some cuddles -- she'll run up to me and want to be put on my lap, while Tiny toe is currently not too interested in laps.

As I've said in a previous kitten update, Tiny toe is not much into lounging, but Tiny whitey appreciates what a good lie down can do for a growing cat.

"We're invisible now, right mom? Like a polar bear in the snow! Nobody can see us, and I'm going to jump on Tiny toe when he runs by!"

If I have Tiny whitey on my lap and Super-whitey jumps up, she has no problems laying right on top of the little one in order to monopolize the loving. I think Tiny whitey loves it though, and if she were uncomfortable with momma on top of her she'd let everybody know it. She's not shy about biting mom's tail.

In fact, I wonder if the "smothering" is mom's subtle way of getting revenge for the tail chomps? Hmm... the fascinating psychology of cat families.

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Alan  – (January 31, 2017 at 5:00 PM)  

More than six years later, it's amazing to me how I can see the kittens' personalities in these photos. Luna (Tiny Whitey) is snuggly and crazy, and Tagg (Tiny Toe) is shy and a crybaby. :)

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