Veggie garden update

How about a quick look at the veggie garden to see how things are doing? The last look at the veggie garden was early May when I removed a carpet of weeds and put down a thick layer of compost. That was a great idea, as everything is growing like crazy right now, with a minimal amount of weeds:

I love big plants, especially those that are food! (The tallest plant there in the center is not really edible -- it's Agastache foeniculum or "anise hyssop" and is there to attract pollinators. It got really big this year!)

As a reminder, here's what it looked like about three weeks ago (May 11), right after putting down the compost:

The plants have really responded! The tomato plants have expanded their root structure and are starting to grow now, and I haven't put the melons in yet, but otherwise I'm quite pleased!

The cauliflower heads are starting to form:

As is the broccoli:

Remember that I only planted four of each of those to give them the room they need to flourish. I wish I had double the space I do for the veggie bed, as there's never enough space to grow everything I want to.

The kale overwintered and is flowering, but its leaves are just as delicious as last year:

The beets are coming along nicely (that's the kale in the lower left corner):

So are the peas (on the trellis), and the spinach (behind the trellis):

Here's a better look at the peas. I wish I would have planted more of them:

I hated peas when I was younger, and they are still not my favorite, but fresh peas are so sweet and delicious!

There are also various lettuces planted here and there, although those are almost done for the season, especially since it's been so hot. I need to harvest before they get bitter!

The fennel is doing great as always, although there are way too many plants growing now:

I love the feathery look of fennel, especially when covered in the morning dew.

Even the fennel seedlings outside of the fence stand a chance of making it, although if Super-whitey stays in the garage much longer the rabbits will take the yard over again, and it's goodbye outside-the-fence fennel.

I guess I shouldn't be concerned, since I don't really do anything with the fennel. I nibble on it when I'm out in the yard, and I love the way it looks and smells, but it's really only there as caterpillar food.

I think the black swallowtail butterflies would prefer their caterpillars to eat parsley or dill, but they'll take the fennel -- especially since it's the only one of the three that I'm growing this year.

I don't mind sharing my edible plants with butterflies -- to some extent.

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