Kitten update: 5 weeks

Chasing and wrestling. That's about all the kittens do now -- chase and attack each other. They're not completely stable on their feet, so it leads to some hilarious situations.

Tiny toe is losing his meekness, but his sister still seems to be a little more physically advanced. He's catching up though.

It's almost impossible to get a photo with both of their faces in it. When they're close to each other, one is chomping on the other, or they're rolling and pouncing. Until I perfect my technique I'll have to be content with individual photos.

They're getting more adventurous as you might expect. They're using the litter box at least part-time, and they're showing an interest in solid food now -- a little. They've also realized that the water bowl is for putting your face in, not your whole body. I'm not sure if they're actually drinking yet, but I saw Tiny whitey give the water one lick yesterday.

You'll never see Tiny toe doing any lounging.

Tiny whitey knows how to relax though.

"I relax with yoga. Lounging is not in my vocabulary."

They will go running off a little ways if they're on the driveway so we usually keep them on the patio, which has a small stone wall around it. Good for climbing practice (and "falling off stuff" practice).

As you'd expect, they're quite curious about everything (not just who can win a wrestling match). This rock fascinated Tiny toe for quite a while.

She always looks sad to me, but she's having a blast! Luckily I got her to stop running around for a second and look up at me. Such a cutie!

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Janet  – (April 2, 2011 at 7:35 AM)  

It reminds me when ours were kittens.. sigh.

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