Sunshine? In the morning?!

We got a nice surprise today: the weather forecast called for mostly cloudy this morning turning partly cloudy later, but the clouds seem to have moved off already, so it's been sunny since sunrise! (There actually was a sunrise this morning!)

It's been a week or more since I've been able to take early morning photos in the sunlight, and I've missed it. It's probably my favorite time for taking photos of almost anything in the garden. It's also my favorite time for just being in the garden.

The color of the light combined with the low angle of the sun's rays results in some of the most magical lighting.

It's a mostly gentle light, and the shadows it creates can be beautiful.

Ah, early mornings in the garden. No weeding, or planting, or work of any kind. Just a relaxing look around, enjoying the sights and sounds.


Today I'm only looking at plants that can be reached by pavement or patio though. I'm wearing the wrong shoes and everything is still soaking wet from days of rain.

Plenty to see without venturing out into the yard though, so my socks are safe.

A day of no rain probably means I'll be mowing the lawn this evening -- but it doesn't matter right now, because this is morning garden time...

...the most peaceful time there is.

What a difference a little sunlight can make!

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Anonymous –   – (May 21, 2010 at 4:41 PM)  

Great photos!

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