A little game after the rain

Let's play a little game, okay? I'll show you a photo, and you just have to tell me if it's 1) a water feature or 2) a problem caused by a week of rain.

These photos are all from a couple of weeks ago, around Feb 25 after several days of rain. I think we got 5" (13cm) or so total over a few days.


We'll start with an easy one:

Yep, that's a water feature -- the front garden barrel. Only one of the two goldfish survived the winter -- can you see it in there?

Next up:

Well, if you recognize the caryopteris foliage starting to emerge, you'll say "problem", and you'd be correct!

Another of the cement containers, but which is it: water feature or problem?

That was a trick question, because it really could be either. I had an Alocasia in here so there was only a little soil left after I removed it and I'm not sure why it's holding water so well. It could be a new water feature though I guess.

What I wonder is why this other cement planter out front dries out faster than anything?

It's the one that I'd really like to stay wet, but of course it doesn't.  Hmmm.

Moving to the back of the house, a couple of easy ones:

Nope, that was a trick again, as it's not a water feature or a problem. It's just a trash can lid that blew off and filled with rain. And bamboo leaves.

There's a lot of that going around:

Okay, how about this one?

This year it's just a water feature (my pond).  Last year it would have been in the "problem" category, if you remember.

On the deck, another planter:


This one is probably a water feature, as I had water plants in here last year. I was never able to keep the water level this high though.

So I guess this wasn't much of a game, was it?

By the way, those front planters are still holding water!

I suppose I should pull that caryopteris out of there...


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outlawgardener  – (March 14, 2018 at 8:45 AM)  

It was fun to play along, especially because it was so easy to win the game.

chavliness  – (March 14, 2018 at 9:47 AM)  

Pull the caryopteris out or just drain the water? Did the fish in the post survive winter?

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