Favorite photos of 2012

It's three years late, but since in every year's "favorite photos" post -- which I did for 2015 on Friday -- I say "I didn't create a favorite photos post for 2012", I decided to do something about that.

January 2012: Yucca filamentosa curls

So I went through all of the 2012 posts this weekend and have chosen my faves. I'm assuming that what I chose now is what I would have chosen in January 2013, but maybe not. Enjoy! (Remember that these are my favorite photos, not necessarily my favorite posts, which you can browse using the "best of" buttons at the right side of the page.)



January 2012: indoor Gaiilardia bloom

January 2012: pomegranate up close

February 2012: cut concrete surprisingly beautiful

February 2012: icy coating in a mild winter

February 2012: fantastic patina on my new bench

March 2012: Hatiora salicornioides new growth

March 2012: the most frilly tulip I've ever grown

March 2012: my favorite bamboo shoot (Phyllostachys glauca 'Yunzhu')

April 2012: sweet potato sprouts indoors

April 2012: bamboo culm leaf

April 2012: Japanese Maple branch

April 2012: yellow groove bamboo fresh culm

There were too many photos that I liked in May -- I couldn't narrow it down to just three...

May 2012: Mourning Cloak butterfly

May 2012: Gray Hairstreak butterfly

May 2012: morning light just right

May 2012: indoor mantis hatching

May 2012: baby toad hiding in bubbles

June 2012: coneflower infected with Asters Yellow

June 2012: toads still at it in the pond

June 2012: twice-stabbed stinkbugs mating

July 2012: rare rain, so special

July 2012: Cardoon bloom (miss these!)

July 2012: boxspring padding from a trellis project

August 2012: Ambush bug in dogbane

August 2012: somewhat abstract castor bean flowers

August 2012: castor bean leaf unfolding

August 2012: center of sunflower bloom

September 2012: raindrops on malabar spinach stem

September 2012: dew-covered bee

September 2012: immature stinkbug

September 2012: one of my favorite plant combos ever

October 2012: sunchoke blooms above my head

October 2012: papyrus looks so good in the lower autumn light

October 2012: an Aster of some kind growing between the walls of a greenhouse

November 2012: clouds with so much texture

November 2012: a study in yellow

November 2012: daylily bloom skeleton

December 2012: frosty

December 2012: more frosty patterns

December 2012: fungus in a stump

December 2012: pond ice art

I hope you enjoy my photos -- do you have a favorite?

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Mark and Gaz  – (January 18, 2016 at 3:26 PM)  

Isn't it nice to take the time to look back? Great shots all!

Salty Pumpkin Studio  – (January 18, 2016 at 9:16 PM)  

The Yucca plant photo is gorgeous! Its one of my favorites. All your pictures are fantastic.

Renee  – (January 18, 2016 at 11:37 PM)  

Fewer bugs in this year! I liked the one with the fungus from December. Why do you think you tend to pick macro shots (as oppsed to wide shots) as your favorites?

Charlie@Seattle Trekker  – (January 19, 2016 at 12:58 AM)  

Loved looking back through your prior work, you certainly have a lot of shots that should make you very proud.

Alan  – (January 19, 2016 at 7:59 AM)  

Mark/Gaz: thanks! Glad to "see" you around again. :)

Maywyn: Thank you!

Renee: I'm not sure, probably because it's much more difficult to compose a wide shot? I really love looking at things up close too.

Charlie: Thanks! It takes some time and effort, but the results are always worth it to me.

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