Favorite photos of 2010

I thought I'd finish off the year with a look at some of my favorite photos from 2010. Since I took a lot of photos this past year -- over 6000! -- I knew I'd need some rules when choosing or else I'd end up with 100 photos in this post. So I made two rules: 1) the photo must be related to the garden  2) I had to choose exactly two photos from each month.

It was pretty difficult to find two good photos from January and February (before I started this blog), and it was even harder to pick only two images from May, June, July and a couple of other months, but I stuck to it. Most of these photos have appeared in the blog, but some may have not.

Edit: I missed a month and had some mislabeled -- fixed now.


As I said, January and February were tough, as I really didn't take more than a dozen photos each month. But the images improve greatly later in the year I think.

January: deer party. Not much to see here.

January: checking in on bamboo wrapped in plastic.

February: Taken from the window -- guess I didn't go outside that month.

February: From window again. Various animal tracks. Note the vole tunnel.

March: I love moss.

March: Super-whitey became my constant garden companion.

April: Cherry blossoms. Then this tree died.

April: Super-whitey has kittens in my garage.

May: Tiny toe loves to cry.

May: I took dozens of water droplet photos. So pretty up close.

June: spider webs are cool (when they're not on your face).

June: Super-fuzzy caterpillars welcome here!

July: Sunflower. Possibly my favorite photo of the year. So cheerful!

July: I caught a lot of moles this year. Their "hands" fascinate me.

August: a garden without bees seems dead.

August: bush cricket on bamboo.

September: my favorite butterfly shot of the year -- just perfect!

September: The garden from above (camera on a pole).

October: fuzzy, purple, and beautiful.

October: a great shot of a great tree.

November: rose hip and blue sky. This seems fake somehow.

November: I never expected to get this shot.

December: winter sunrises are the best.

December: my favorite frost photo. The texture does it for me.

And that's it, some of my favorite photos (limited to two per month) from this past year. Thanks for reading my posts throughout the year, and I plan to keep providing interesting images and garden-related writings in 2011. I have some good projects in mind...

Happy New Year!

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Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)  – (December 31, 2010 at 1:22 PM)  

Alan, awesome photos! The macro photos give us a different view of the natural world and show us the beauty of creatures and things we often ignore.

P.S. Why do moles have such clean hands and feet when they do such much digging???

Alan  – (December 31, 2010 at 3:21 PM)  

In my case, the moles get a good soaking from the hose which probably cleans them up a bit. =)

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