More digging

I spent some time digging more elephant ears and cannas yesterday just before dark. I left some cannas in the ground as an experiment, and thought I would remove half or so of one large planting.

But the planting decided that it wanted to stay in one piece.


So it came out of the ground in one big clump:

Very big:

It was just about as large as I could handle, filling my wheelbarrow.

As you can see it's about 24" (60cm) in diameter. Not as big and heavy as some bamboo divisions I've moved around before, but much larger than I want. I'll have to break it up before storing it.

One thing I really love about cannas are the purplish "bulbs" that form:

These look better than most edible tubers I've tried to grow!

Interesting note: only the one side turned purple. The other side of the clump...

...was just white. Why?

Probably because this was growing on a slope, and the purple side was exposed to more cold, while the white side was buried a bit deeper and therefore has stayed warmer. That's my guess at least.

That, I believe, is all of the tropicals. I may try digging up some of the 'Vertigo' grass to see if it's still alive. (I have a pot of it in the garage already, but having more pieces to work with in the spring might be a good thing.) There are two or three more pots that I may want to bring into the garage too, and I should empty the soil from a few other pots.

I love doing November garden chores in late December/early January!

Happy New Year!


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Charlie@Seattle Trekker  – (January 1, 2016 at 2:21 PM)  

I'm anxious to see how cannas do that you left in the ground...Have a wonderful 2016, safe journey.

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