What is it? Fish food!

Do you know what this is? I'm talking about the little squiggles in the bottom of the cup.

For a hint, this is some rainwater that was left standing for a few days (it picked up some tea-like coloring from soil or leaves). If you said "mosquito larvae" you're right!


If you didn't know what it was, that could mean that 1) it's difficult to tell without seeing them do their curl-up and straighten out movement...

...or it could mean that you live somewhere that mosquitoes don't (lucky you!)

It could also just mean that you've never noticed them before.

A few years ago my older former neighbor called me over to his deck to ask what the creatures swimming in his plant saucers were. After serving in the armed forces, living in Alaska for several years, traveling all around the world, then living in the St. Louis area for at least 20 years, he didn't know what mosquito larvae looked like.

These got dumped into my front goldfish tub, but I also add mosquito "dunks" or "bits" to any containers that hold water for more than a couple of days -- like the trays where my water-loving plants live. These products contain BTi (Bacillus thuringiensis israelenis), a bacterium that kills the larvae. 

Using fish is more fun, but not as practical.


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Mark and Gaz  – (September 17, 2014 at 7:25 AM)  

I remember whilst still living in the tropics about the massive drive to empty as many stale water as possible from any receptacle that can hold rain water due to the hazards of having mosquitoes breed on them. One of the benefits of having fish in ponds? No mozzie larvae :)

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