Leaving Yellowstone

After we left the Grand Prismatic Spring, we thought there wasn't going to be much to see on the way out of Yellowstone National Park. We were leaving via the South Entrance (which I guess technically I should call the "South Exit"), and there wasn't much on the map as far as attractions.

Then I saw a sign for the "Kepler Cascades", and after a quick confirmation that the parking lot was large enough for RV's, I pulled in, not knowing what to expect exactly. I am so glad I did!


Nothing says "wilderness" to me more than a waterfall roaring through the pine-covered mountains for some reason...

...and in that regard the Kepler Cascades did not disappoint!

The only disappointment was that I couldn't get right down there next to the river (the Firehole River I believe, which eventually makes its way to where I saw it in the Madison area of the park).

I noticed that it's not only various conifers that are growing here:

What tough plants, gripping the rock face high above the river below. If I had a good enough lens I'm sure I would have seen bees buzzing around them!

But that would mean that I'd have to spend more time not looking at this:

The small viewing platform at times emptied of all other people, so we could imagine we actually were out in the wilds of the park, and that a bear would emerge below and snag a fish while we watched from above...

...but the reality of the drive ahead of us kicked in so we climbed back into the RV and headed south, where we eventually saw some great views of what I'm pretty sure was the Snake River, making its way through forest still showing the signs of the huge forest fires in 1988:

Does anybody else immediately think of Evel Knievel when they hear "Snake River", or is that just me?

So with thoughts of spandex jumpsuits and broken bones filling my head we left Yellowstone park after three amazing days.

Not to worry though, because the roadtrip was just barely half over, with the Grand Tetons up next!


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Lisa  – (September 13, 2013 at 6:48 AM)  

Wow! Inspiration for your own stream!

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