Grand Tetons preview

After three single nights spent in different campsites in Yellowstone, we left to the south and entered Grand Tetons National Park, where we would be spending two nights in the same place.

This post is just a preview of what we saw there, as I just don't have the energy to write much after putting these panoramas together and retouching about a hundred dirt and dust specks. I really wish I had cleaned my lenses before this trip!


This was our first look at those wonderful mountains (that wasn't through the RV window) as we took a short hike soon after arriving:

The long hike would take place tomorrow, but even the short one was nice, taking you along the shore of Jackson Lake -- we stayed in Colter Bay -- and also through the forest:

The view from the halfway point of the hike was best:

Note that the water level was crazily low in the lake -- it doesn't normally have 50 yards (45m) of rocky beach exposed:

Still this was a great way to get a nice view of the somewhat hazy mountains.

More on Grand Tetons National Park soon...

(sorry for the short post!)


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Alan  – (September 16, 2013 at 1:46 AM)  

If you've been to Grand Tetons National Park, was the water level this low when you visited? A ranger I talked to said that it was water usage downriver that was causing the drop -- droughts meant that more of the water was needed for agriculture. The lake would refill in the spring from snow melt.

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