After my walkway project this weekend I was a bit tired -- those concrete blocks aren't as heavy as stones of the same size would be, but they're certainly not light! So I spent a little time observing and enjoying, and at this specific time I noticed... crinkles!

Lots of wavy, wrinkled foliage in my garden. Starting with this Pelargonium crispum, 'Cy's Sunburst'. Not doing well for me, but smells so wonderful and it doesn't get crinklier than this!


The Heuchera are quite crinkly too, especially 'Marmalade':

The plant that my friend Mike gave me, calling it "wild coleus" doesn't disappoint in the wrinkled department either, with the added bonus of a bit of fringe:

I know this next one would probably go into the "spiky" category first, but it's quite crinkled -- or at least wavy:

That's Solanum atropurpureum by the way. You'll see more of this plant in another post soon I think.

Speaking of wavy...

The elephant ears are probably the kings of wavy. Every huge leaf's margin is a study in ripples!

This is my newest acquisition, an Alocasia called 'Yucatan Princess':

I may have to do a post on this plant, as it's got so much going for it. By far my most crinkled elephant ear.

I'll finish with something a bit more subtle, Sasa veitchii bamboo:

The wrinkled leaves are only noticeable when the lighting is right, but it's such a nice effect I couldn't help but include it here.

Any wrinkled foliage in your garden?


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