Even though temperatures dipped back below normal for the last two days, it seems that spring is finally here, which means I can safely remove some of the protection from the plants I overwintered outdoors.

Starting with the edibles that were provided with makeshift greenhouses. Remember when I decided to wrap this small planter with plastic to try and grow chard over the winter? Well it's time for this eyesore to go away.


I'm tired of seeing it, and I'm tired of dealing with the water that it collects when it rains or snows:

So off it came, all 30' (9m) of it!

I'm so glad to see it go, but it did its job -- the plants are looking great!

The little lettuces and other greens I planted a couple weeks ago here are looking good too, even though they haven't been getting enough water:

There are seeds sprouting in here too:

I'm not going to remove these until I can identify them with certainly, as I sprinkled cilantro (corriander) seeds in here and I'm pretty sure that's what these are.

These are not, but I'll let them grow a bit first to see just what they are -- most likely something undesirable, probably violets. It's too early for the malabar spinach seedlings, which are easy to ID anyway -- I'll have plenty of those in this bed in a month or two.

I left the bars up just in case we have a late freeze and I need to protect these plants for a night or two. I hope I won't need to use them and I'll probably regret leaving them in place -- I already gave myself one good knock on the head -- plus these plants are quite cold-tolerant, but I'd rather be prepared than have to scramble later.

It's so nice to see some fabulous (and edible!) plants as opposed to the plastic. Hooray spring!


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scottweberpdx  – (April 3, 2013 at 12:40 PM)  

Ahh...so good to get rid of those things!

Rock rose  – (April 4, 2013 at 6:24 AM)  

I have covered and uncovered and recovered until I am fed up with covering! But, if I want to grow plants out of their range then that is what I have to do. Glad your plants made it. Chard is one I didn't have to cover and it is 2' high.

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