I look at rocks

I've been looking at rocks quite a bit recently as I finish up my pond project. I love everything about rocks (except hauling them around): their texture, colors, forms.

I especially like looking very closely at them.


These particular stones were purchased -- flagstones and a few edgers, all of a limestone (to match my chimney stones and also my patio).

Maybe I was just procrastinating, as I knew I had to lift these these heavy things out of the truck and move them down to the pond, but I spent quite a while enjoying and photographing them.

Although to be honest, if I don't look at these rocks while they're still in the truck and closer to eye-level, I may never really look at them again. Once they're installed around the pond or as part of a path they'll never be the focus of my attention.

After a while I realized that the mud-covered driveway I was walking on contained similarly fascinating colors and patterns:

(It would almost be a shame to wash this away. Yeah, that's why I haven't gotten out the hose yet: art preservation!)

The rocks though, they really captivate me:

I would have never seen this if I didn't spend some time looking closely.

So procrastinating or not, it's good to stop and take a close look sometimes.


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Christine @ the Gardening Blog  – (November 28, 2011 at 10:59 AM)  

I also love looking at the detail in things ... I'm the queen of procrastination, hehe!

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