Garden visit

Last weekend I visited my friend Mike's garden again, to help him with some bamboo digging and to see how things have changed since the last time I was there.

Today's post is a mostly comment-free look at some of the plants he's growing.


He's down to about 5 or 6 bamboos now, and has started collecting other types of plants: hostas, hydrangeas, and sumac.

He has several different sumacs, and has almost convinced me that I need to grow some of these too.

He has more blooming now than I do, including the Cardinal flowers:

Butterfly weed, not Cardinal flower.

He's got some sedum that is flowering already. It seems early,  but the bees are happy about it:

I should have composed some shots of the beds, but I was in a close-up mood that day.

It's always fun visiting other gardens, especially if you can see them at different times of the year like I've been able to with Mike's garden.

It's a nice bonus when you can take home a new bamboo too, but that's another post.


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Susan in the Pink Hat  – (September 2, 2011 at 8:49 AM)  

Get Rhus typhina lactinata. Will work well for you

Janet  – (September 2, 2011 at 4:26 PM)  

We have had a sumac for a couple of years. I didn't know that it suckered quite so much. It's popping up quite some distance from the parent plant. At the moment I'm thinking "Great, new plants". I may not feel quite so keen in a couple of years....

Alan  – (September 2, 2011 at 4:44 PM)  

That's the one main drawback. Mike also said that it's difficult to dig the suckers when they're small because they don't form roots right away, then once they're bigger it's harder because, well, they're bigger.

Maybe I can plant it next to one of my bamboos and let them battle it out. Rhizome... sucker... rhizome... sucker... who will win? ;-)

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