Get out of the garden... and into another one

It's good to get away from your own garden once in a while and see other people's plants. Different people have different perspectives, like different colors, have been gardening for different amounts of time, have different growing conditions, and so on. The end result: different gardens.

Sometimes very different gardens. This is part of Michael's garden, which I've been to a couple of times before to dig bamboo.

Today I was just visiting to take photos in the hopes of identifying some of his bamboos which are shooting now. This one in particular:

Any idea what it is?

Anyway, besides bamboo, Michael grows azaleas, hostas, sumacs, irises, and many other types of plants. Oh, and peonies. Lots of peonies.

Walking through a garden that you're not responsible for is quite relaxing. You just get to look, listen, and enjoy. So I'll keep to that theme and not say much in today's post.

The peonies were closing for the evening so I didn't get to take as many photos as I wanted to, but I may be going back soon to help Michael dig more bamboo, and I'll definitely bring the camera again.

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