Finally, some cool clouds again!

Summers in St. Louis usually bring a dozen good, strong thunderstorms or more. Strong winds, thunder, lots of lightning, and dramatic, cool clouds. This summer has been really quiet. There was that one big storm a while back, but that's about it. I was actually thinking about using some photos from last summer's storms in a post, but then things changed.

This evening a line of storms moved in, bringing cooler air, lightning, and some great clouds. Unfortunately I was out and only had my phone camera, but I think the photos turned out ok.


I'm pretty sure that if you watched a time-lapse movie of these clouds, it would look like rolling waves.

They were changing quite quickly -- it was fairly windy.

It wasn't raining yet, but seemed like it would at any minute. We kept waiting for it, but conditions stayed the same for probably an hour or more: windy but dry.

Since I was meeting with friends, I tried to resist taking photos but I couldn't help myself.

You can really see the rolling wave structure here:

They were changing quickly, so every 5 minutes or so I had to grab another image.

As the sun set it seemed as if even heavier clouds were now overhead, and the wind was starting to carry some raindrops. You can see that there were some larger storms embedded in these clouds -- this was a pretty impressive view:

On the drive home there was a little bit of rain, but never as much as it seemed like it should have been. The way those clouds were moving and with all of the lightning, the general atmosphere was of an imminent downpour. Maybe it's still on its way.

Glad I was able to capture these images, as I just love dramatic and interesting clouds!

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