Rain, rain, rain, rain.

Another grey, wet morning, as the rain defeats my weekend gardening plans again. Over the past week it's rained on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday. Looks like more rain forecast for tomorrow too.

But most of my plants love the rain (except for the Plumeria cuttings I potted recently -- they need to stay on the dry side until they root) so I don't mind too much.

I'll roll with it, do a little more weeding (because after a rain is the best time to pull weeds).

I am getting a little tired of weeding though. I've got plants that want to get into the ground!

I won't let a few days of rain spoil my attitude.

I'll look on the bright side in that I haven't had to worry about any of my veggie seedlings drying out...

...or if the potted bamboos are getting enough water to optimize the growth of their new shoots.

Like many of these plants that shed the rain so completely that they don't even get wet leaves, I will shed my negative feelings about the rain too, and welcome it as a normal part of gardening.

But I sure am hoping to see some sunshine pretty soon.

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