A look at what's blooming

On this Mother's Day morning, I thought I'd just take a quick look at what's blooming in my garden right now.

I won't mention the roses, which I talked about recently, but that's a "painted daisy" that is in danger of being crowded out by Shasta daisies. The painted daisy will only bloom if I fertilize it in the Spring (I forgot a couple of years ago).

There are a few different Salvias blooming now. This is the culinary herb "Sage" (salvia officinalis):

Salvia nemerosa 'East Freisland':

I have 'May Night' too, but it doesn't look too much different than 'East Friesland'.

Salvia nemerosa 'Caradonna':

Here's a hot pink one that will bloom all summer long, Salvia greggii 'Wild Thing':

The Thymes are flowering too. English thyme here (the culinary herb):

Here's a groundcover thyme:

I had a dozen different groundcover thymes, but am down to 3 or 4 right now I think. It's survival of the fittest in my garden.

The catmint is starting to flower too:

And of course, chives:

I've just noticed how every flower so far is a shade of pink or purple (if you call the white thyme flowers very pale pink instead)! What about the pink primrose (Oenothera speciosa):

Nope, pink too (as the name suggests). Heck, even the vinca is flowering purple:

I'm going to have to come up with some Spring-flowering plants with blooms of different colors for next year. Or maybe I'll just tell people I planned it this way -- no garish color combinations in my garden!

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