RV trip part 6: close looks

Our August RV trip continued, as we spent a luxurious (for this trip) second day at a campsite. No driving meant time for biking and hiking and relaxing. If you remember from the last post, we were at the North Fork Campground in Colorado. We did get down to the river (White river) again this second day (August 24), but the photos look just like those from yesterday's post.

Hiking though gave me plenty of opportunity to capture some of the wild beauty close up.


There were many types of berries and fruits -- I didn't photograph all of them.

I was surprised to find so many of these still on the plants, as my own experience with berries tells me that they get snapped up pretty quickly by birds and other animals. I suppose out here there are fewer berry eaters and more of the fruits available, so they last longer.

Still, I did catch somebody snacking!

(Wow, that camera lens is not very good!)

I saw lots of grasses and wildflowers too:

And a nest or two:

Those aspens!

The way their leaves move in the wind: so unique!

Why is white bark so beautiful? Is it because it is somewhat rare in the world of trees?

It was so nice to be able to walk around leisurely and observe new surroundings closely!

A second night of dark skies was not as enjoyable, mainly because it was lightly raining off and on again, there were patchy clouds, and it was a bit too cold for comfort.

The next morning we left relatively early as there was a long day of driving with one stop planned. We had reached the apex of the trip, if that's the right word for it, as now our travels would be taking us back toward home. As is my goal when planning a road trip we avoided as much backtracking as possible, and would be traveling on roads that we had never driven before.

The fact that I do this must be because the majority of the highway miles I've logged in my life have been on the same road: I-55 between St. Louis and Chicago. I'm not a fan of familiar roads!

Coming up next: more driving, fossils, even more driving, and a volcano. Then more driving.


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