Garden sculptures, for you?

Well, it has taken a little while, but the "cube" series of garden sculptures that I've been working on are finally available...

That's right, you can now purchase these for your own garden from my Etsy shop!


There are currently four different "models" available, the Quad Cube 2x2:

The Quad Cube Tower:

Plus the Solo Cube 3x3 (also seen in this post's first image) ...

...and Solo Cube Tower:

All are made from cedar and galvanized steel pipe, and are available finished with a durable acrylic satin finish or unfinished. (The unfinished version is intended to be finished by you with a deck sealer, stain, waterproofer, etc. -- the idea being that you can easily refinish as needed, as you know outdoor finishes do not last forever.)

Can ship to anywhere in the US, currently by USPS.

If there's a different configuration you're thinking about, I can customize pieces. I'm still experimenting with new shapes too, so more coming in the future.

Please let me know what you think!

I'll be adding a few other items to the shop soon too, like my Whorn stools.

(here's another link to my Etsy shop)


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