More early Spring at MBG

Yesterday I showed you some cactus eye-candy and the amazing crocus field at the Missouri Botanical Garden. I had never visited at this time of year before, so there were surprises.

It happened to be the last day of the Orchid Show, so we took a quick look around. I was drawn to some of the blooms for sure, but only took a few photos (didn't have the right camera with me). If you want to see more orchid blooms I visited specifically for the Orchid Show a couple of years ago.


I wasn't too keen on taking many shots as the phone camera has too deep a focus depth...

...but I took a couple.

This crazy one wasn't even blooming, but I'd grow it:

I'd call this the "Eeyore Ears Orchid", but it's actually Bulbophyllum fletcherianum.

Outside in the garden I was amazed at the variety of spring-blooming bulbs:

Scilla mischtschenkoana had such nice blue markings!

And I realize that I must expand my own bulb collection!

I wonder if I could create something so wonderful in my garden -- do I have the right area for it?

When the daffodils and tulips are all up, this is going to be amazing!

We saw several different witch hazels throughout the garden:

And in the Japanese Garden...

...the amazing tree structures that you just get glimpses of during the summer were clearly revealed...

...although more difficult to see in some photos than in others.

The naturally-occurring branch "art" captivated too:

This next tree was not so special, but the brown "lawn" underneath is a patch of groundcover bamboo, mowed and ready for the new growth to emerge:

They really pruned it early! (Or maybe I'm just slow in my own garden...)

Some of the bigger trees in the garden screamed "fractal!" to me:

And any shrub or tree in bloom was a beacon:

So a very nice afternoon, and more proof that visiting The Garden is something that should be done in all seasons!


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Mark and Gaz  – (March 25, 2015 at 1:38 PM)  

That Bulbophyllum is a proper curiosity plant isn't it?

Salty Pumpkin Studio  – (March 26, 2015 at 12:49 AM)  

I think your blog smells like spring! Beautiful pictures.

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