We've got some warm weather coming this weekend -- highs in the mid-50's F (11ºC or so) -- although it's quite cold right now (15ºF/-9ºC). That prompted me to look back at this date over the past few years to see how this winter is comparing to those recently endured.

In 2011 I was taking photos of condensation indoors because it was "quite cold" outside. I didn't mention the temperature but it was below 20ºF/-7ºC. I'm going to say that it was also around 15ºF on this date in 2011.


There was some snow too:

Unlike this year, where the ground is bare and brown.

What about 2012?

It had gotten down to 15ºF the night below, so a bit warmer than today. I ventured out onto the new pond for the first time:

Remember, there were no fish under the ice yet, as the pond was brand-new in 2012.

What was happening Jan 14, 2013?

I was watching birds playing on a bamboo culm!

I don't mention the weather specifically, but it looks mild. Checking a post from a few days earlier I see that it was quite warm -- in the 60's F -- so more like this coming weekend than today. I could go for more of that right now...

So what about last year on Jan 14?

I don't need photos to remember that we had just gotten through our coldest stretch of the winter: -8ºF/-22ºC! I wasn't talking about the cold on Jan 14 though...

...I was talking seeds! Is it seed time already? I guess I was quite eager for spring last year. This year, not so much. Give me a few more weeks I think...

I'm not sure that I miss the snow we had last year either... pretty as it was.

So January 14 is typically quite cold in St. Louis although there are exceptions, with temperatures in the teens (F) but the odd warm day once in a while around this time of year.

It's fun looking back over the last few years!


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Mark and Gaz  – (January 14, 2015 at 5:30 PM)  

Nice glimpse of the past there Alan, and very interesting on the variations between each year. And on 2012 that ice must have been very thick!

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