Regrowing lettuce, for some reason

I saw an article recently that was one of those "10 things..." type of lists that are so popular these days, as if something isn't worth learning about until it's in a list, but I digress. The article was something like "10 vegetables you can use and grow again forever", and since I already have experience with this sort of thing with my kitchen counter green onions, I eagerly read through the list.

Most of the list wasn't useful information to me (You can grow carrot greens from the discarded ends of carrot roots? Really? What would I exactly do with carrot greens?) but I did see a couple of intriguing ideas that I could easily try out.


The first was to regrow romaine lettuce by putting the cut end into a dish of water.

Apparently the leaves will regrow from the center of the plant, as long as you left enough "stem" and didn't cut too low.

I don't know what's special about romaine lettuce other than it forms a tall head as opposed to a round one, so I suspect that other similar types of lettuces would do the same thing. Luckily, I had just bought some small lettuce heads so could give this a try.

The one head (first few photos) is jammed into the little jar pretty tightly so if it does start growing I may not have an easy way to harvest. That's getting a bit ahead of myself though.

Suppose this lettuce does regrow... how much nutrition will these leaves even have growing in water? I suspect virtually none. If I had a refractometer I could check the relative level of nutritional content indirectly from the sugar levels, but I don't. (I plan on getting one though.)

That article also said that cilantro cuttings will root in water.

Since I already had some cilantro in water (how I store it after buying it from the produce department), I checked for evidence of roots:

Plenty of split and curled stems, but I'm not sure if there are any roots growing there. I'll keep changing the water and see if anything happens. I'm not sure why I care to do this, as I've got loads of cilantro seeds to sow and could easily grow as many plants as I want... but it's fun!

Are there any edibles that you've tried regrowing? Let me know how it worked for you!


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Lisa  – (January 22, 2014 at 6:36 PM)  

I haven't tried lettuce but we have re-grown celery from the root, both in water and soil. We've also grown watercress in the pond - two $1.00 bunches from the grocery store (no roots necessary!) and we ended up with lots and lots of watercress! Quite fun! This year I'm going to try to convince my family to actually eat it!

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