Dark and Wonderful

As each leaf in my garden loosens its hold and floats to the ground, I'm delighted and depressed at the same time. It's an inadequate and almost unnecessary understatement, but the garden certainly changes during autumn. On the bright side, that means that tree silhouette season is almost here, when shorter days and barren trees mean I can actually see the sunrise (and sometimes sunset) revealing the fractal forms of the now-visible branches.

I found these photos on my phone last night, taken in the Madison area of Yellowstone back in August as we sat in the outdoor amphitheater and listened to a ranger speak about the wildlife and how it survives in each season -- especially winter.


Winter? Tree silhouettes? It seemed the perfect time to post these images.

(Yeah, exactly. I didn't forget about them, I actually planned to wait until winter was almost here. Right.)

I'll have to do some scouting this winter to find suitable trees around here to photograph at sunset, as bare tree silhouettes are one of my favorite things about winter.


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