A little more color

I've been enjoying the fall color this year, trying to take photos as soon as I notice something that is really nice -- the one problem I have with autumn is the colorful days are just over too quickly!

A tree can go from "nice" to "WOW!" to "blah" (or worse yet: barren) in just a couple of days, so I've learned not to delay with the camera. Today, just a few of the better bursts of color in my garden.


Starting with my Sugar Maple that's in the front yard.

This tree has a little more red in its leaves than is shown here, but I just can't seem to capture it accurately.

The bald cypress though...

...I can capture its orange-reddish-browns without even trying.

It's a standout tree in my fall garden (and the other seasons too).

The little coral bark japanese maple is not so impressive yet, being just a few feet tall:

But with color like that it will be getting my attention too!

(I think 2014 will be the year I finally decide where to plant my japanese maples.)

More shots of color soon.


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hensintheorchard.blogspot.com  – (November 4, 2013 at 2:13 PM)  

Your photos are amazing such lovely colours this time of year. Thank you for sharing. Sarah

scottweberpdx  – (November 4, 2013 at 4:07 PM)  

I'm always amazed at Bald Cypress at this time of year. I recently went to a garden that I had visited earlier this year, during the summer. I was so impressed by a little grove of Bald Cypress right at the entrance...and couldn't believe I hadn't even noticed them earlier in the season...of course, they were just green back then...and now were glorious!

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