The Thing is...

When I was growing up, comic books were one of my main imagination triggers. I loved the Marvel comics (no DC for me!) and trips to the local drug or book stores so I could choose new issues were greatly anticipated.

My favorite comic was the Fantastic Four, and my favorite character? It was The Thing. There was something about that orange-rocked guy that I just loved -- and still do. The Thing toys are the only superhero figures that ornament my desk today.


What does this have to do with the South Dakota Badlands?

Well, during our hike on the Notch Trail I commented to my wife that I really loved the look of all of these rocks -- so interesting!

She replied: "Yeah, they look like The Thing."

Wow. I hadn't made that connection until she said it, but they certainly do look a lot like The Thing!

Not only in general terms, but specifically -- I started seeing the face of Ben Grimm in many of the rock formations. (Do you see it above?)

I wonder, did Jack Kirby and/or Stan Lee visit this place in the 1960's?

Cover of Fantastic Four vol. 1, 51 (Jun, 1966).Art by Jack Kirby, pencils, and Joe Sinnott, inks.
Trademarks & Copyright © 1966 Marvel Characters, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

South Dakota Badlands: Place of desolate natural beauty, or inspiration for one of the greatest comic book characters?

I vote for both!


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Teri  – (October 5, 2013 at 9:40 AM)  

LOVE the Bad Lands! Did you hear they had a blizzard last night? Predicted up to 18" of snow!

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