Another travel teaser

As I get settled back in from 2 weeks on the road, please allow me one more teaser post.

I've barely thought about my garden since I left, and it's been so nice!


No worries about what the temperature is going to be, or if it will rain (or hail). You see, I put a capable neighbor girl in charge of watering, and I'm sure she's done a great job.

I just hope she hasn't been completely overworked on this task, and that she's had some fun. I also hope it hasn't been "St. Louis hot" (a phrase that a friend of mine in the Boston area heard a few weeks ago) while I was gone but I honestly have no idea -- I haven't checked the weather once during the past 14 days.

That's how vacations are supposed to go, at least in my book.

So many more photos coming in the next couple of weeks -- just finding some sample photos for these two teaser posts made me realize how many I really took, and what a variety of subjects they cover. Exciting!


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Alan  – (August 26, 2013 at 3:55 PM)  

Not bad guesses, and partially right. :)

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