This post was going to be just about the sunflowers, but I've taken better photos of sunflowers before, so this one is about yellow.

Starting with sunflowers of course. It's important to get photos before something bad happens.


This year I have the volunteer sunflowers from last year's plant, and I have to admit that I like having three or four towering stalks of blooms than just a single one.

Another towering plant that is starting to bloom: cup plant, Silphium perfoliatum.

This perennial will come back stronger than ever next year, if I can get it past the stage at which the rabbits and deer love it.

Speaking of plants the deer and rabbits love, I'm surprised to see some of the annual Rudbeckia make it to the blooming stage:

Common, but so wonderful!

The pervasive Rudbeckia triloba is starting to bloom, which seems early this year:

Maybe I just don't remember correctly, but I thought it was a later bloomer? These big plants will be covered in dozens of little blooms for the rest of the summer (and will reseed like crazy -- I think I've let them spread a bit too much).

Looking back over this post so far, it seems that I just have daisy-like yellow flowers in my garden. Well, that's almost true -- except for this:

The Canna 'Paton' takes my yellows from "prairie" to "tropics", doesn't it?

Any yellows in your garden right now?


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Kris Peterson  – (July 23, 2013 at 12:10 PM)  

I love yellow, although I have less of it in the garden right now than I had a couple months ago. Coreopsis 'Big Bang Redshift' (yellow with burgundy center) has just started to bloom, though. Your yellow flowers are beautiful. That Silphim is wonderful but I'm guessing that it won't grow in SoCal.

Barbie  – (July 24, 2013 at 4:57 AM)  

Love yellow in the garden - it is just sunshine to me!! My favourite (and it was my Mom's favourite too) is the Sunflower - I grow every year in her honour! Thanks for sharing! Made my day!

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