More blooms, but different

The other day I posted lots of photos of individual blooms -- up-close is my favorite way of looking at most flowers.

Sometimes though, it's the masses of blooms that makes the impression, and that's what I have to show you today.


I'm pretty sure this is not the 'Fourth of July' rose that I wanted.

I love the dark color of my neighbor's wall as a backdrop!

It's pretty enough, but I was hoping for more fragrance. Any ideas what it is?

My one remaining sage is going crazy this year:

So many blooms this year and so big (after 7 years or more) it's taking more space than I want so it will be pruned back after blooming to give its neighbors some space.

Iris pseudacorus, Yellow Flag

Nepeta (catmint) always blooms so nicely, but ends up floppy for me:

I'll shear it back hard after blooming and see if that helps. Incidentally, my cats don't really like this. They much prefer the catnip.

Lonicera x 'Mandarin'

'Nearly Wild' rose

Stringy stonecrop, such a bully. (Sedum sarmentosum)

Okay, that last one might not be appropriate, but mushrooms are "blooms", right?

Later in the summer I'll have more mass flowerings in my garden, but this is about it right now.

I wish I had a huge field of spring wildflowers in my garden, but I'll have to settle for visiting them sometimes.


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Nic  – (June 1, 2013 at 6:23 PM)  

That Lonicera 'Mandarin' is stunning; I will have to be on the lookout for one. There is something about orange flowers, especially on woody plants.

Tira  – (June 1, 2013 at 9:41 PM)  

Love the first rose and the honeysuckle. Beautiful shades.

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