Of the edible plants that I overwintered this year, kale is king...

...and that's a very good thing.


Besides being highly nutritious, this superfood is delicious and not fussy in the garden. The only trouble I ever have is with caterpillars, so that's why early spring harvests are so wonderful -- no beautiful but pesky butterflies around!

I've got two varieties growing right now, an open-pollinated hybrid that looks like it has mostly Russian red genes in it:

And the "white Russian" variety with its curlier leaf margins:

Both delicious and doing so well right now.

True they're starting to flower...

but the flower buds and young, tender stalks are just as yummy as the leaves.

I'll be able to get nice leaves off these plants for another month or so, then I'll pull them out to make room for the next crop -- which I think will be tomatoes.

It's so nice having plants of this size at this time of year!


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The Gardening Blog  – (April 14, 2013 at 8:54 AM)  

I would LOVE to grow Kale - I can never find seeds nor seedlings here - argh! It looks so easy to grow and I love my greens!
Prepared to seed swop with me?

digging up the dirt  – (April 14, 2013 at 4:23 PM)  

Gosh you are lucky. What a bountiful crop. Hmm perhaps I should think about planting up some myself but I will have to watch out for those pesky butterflies and off-spring

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