Quickly, onions

I've posted this tip before, but on this not unbearably cold Saturday I need to get outside and get some projects done before the rain that will turn into snow starts falling. So a short post today.

About green onions, so useful in the kitchen, so handy to have on the kitchen windowsill.


Even better, they're "free". The next time you buy green onions at the store, don't discard the bulb ends.

Leave an inch or so -- more for faster results -- then put the rooted ends into a cup of water.

Place it where it gets some light (a sunny window is best), then watch them grow.

You'll need to change the water every couple of days, and ideally you'll want to plant these into some soil at some time, but I've successfully kept them going in just water for months before. Soil is better, but water is fine.

I'd estimate that these grow at about an inch (2 cm or so) a day. To harvest I just trim a few inches off the top.

Enjoy your green onions!  Now I'm going to enjoy some yard work before the rain arrives...


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Lisa  – (March 23, 2013 at 10:59 AM)  

Love doing this! You can do the same thing with celery - fun and economical!

commoner  – (March 28, 2013 at 1:57 AM)  

Thanks a lot for your idea....... I have done the same after reading ur article and its actually growing............thanks a lot. Looking forward to more and more such small and east steps to grow some veggies :)

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