Checking in on the cuttings

You already know I overwinter cuttings indoors under lights. You've also recently read about me taking more cuttings for fun and to get more plants.

It's time to take a look at some of these cuttings to see how they're doing, don't you think?


Starting with the Plectranthus 'Cerveza n Lime' cuttings that I put into the clay pellets. I had no doubts these would be easy to root, as I've never had one fail regardless of how I rooted it: in water, in damp soil, in perlite.

These are all growing nicely, although they need to get into some soil:

They're looking a bit yellow (feed us!), so I'll pot these up this weekend.

The Tradescantia zebrina is another one that is almost impossible not to get to root. I've left cuttings on the table for weeks and they still rooted after getting them into water, so I had no worries about these either:

Some of these other ones though are a little surprising. The rosemary cuttings I took in the middle of winter?

One out of four isn't bad taking into account the time of year. I'll try again with a few more once the weather warms up a bit -- which will be very soon I hope.

The lavender though, looks like 100% success!

Upon closer examination though, one of these was only pretending to be alive as it pulled right out of the soil:

Still, three out of four is great! I think I'll end up giving some of these away.

The "pencil cactus" cuttings I took haven't rooted yet, as the stems look quite floppy:

I'm a bit surprised at this, since the earlier cutting I took rooted quite quickly. Hmmm.

Did I ever mention the Vigna caracalla cuttings?

I took two cuttings of this wonderful vine as it doesn't produce seeds for me -- growing season too short I think -- and they're both doing so well, taking over the table:

It's about 2 more months before I can safely plant these outside, so I may have to do some pruning to keep these under control. Maybe I'll see if I can root any more cuttings from them...

Lastly, the tiny cholla cuttings that I stuck into the soil as an experiment -- I don't think I mentioned these, did I?

Both cuttings were less than 1" (25mm) long, and I found them beneath the parent plants on the deck. I figured I'd rather stick them into soil than just throw them away.

They're both growing! Look at the little stem on this one:

Succulents are so amazing, so determined to make baby plants from any part of them that falls off. I love it!

So that's an update on the cuttings. I love propagating plants from cuttings, and if I had more room (or a greenhouse) I'd have tables full of them.

Maybe it's a good thing I don't have the room.


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Salty Pumpkin Studio  – (March 8, 2013 at 9:11 AM)  

Looks like you could make good use of a large greenhouse.

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