A little problem fixed

Remember last summer when one of the utility companies dug a deep hole in the ground between the sidewalk and the street? They covered their tracks pretty well, with the grass seed they put down filling in quite quickly.

The thing is, it's not perfect. They didn't do a good job of leveling the soil before seeding it, or perhaps it just settled in a strange way. Whatever the reason, this ground is quite uneven.


Maybe it's difficult to see in that photo. Here's the high part:

The soil level is about 3" (7cm) above the driveway.

Here's the low part:

Hmmm, you can't really see it well in that shot. Maybe from the other side?

Yes, that's better. Now you can see that there's quite a divot here, especially after I cleared out the ash seeds and leaves that had collected over the last few months.

Besides being unattractive and possibly dangerous, this is where I set my garbage cans (trash bins) on collection day, and it's difficult to keep them from tipping over. Strangely, it's not possible to get a garbage can that has an off-road suspension.

So I decided to fix this uneven ground problem.

I removed a few sections of sod:

Then removed soil from the high spots to fill the hole.

Then the turf was put back and you can't even tell that anything was done here!

Okay, that's not true. But in a month or so I'll sprinkle some grass seed on the bare spots, and this will look just like every other boring parkway strip around.

At least it's level now.


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scottweberpdx  – (February 28, 2013 at 5:06 PM)  

It's funny how things like that can totally bug us until we "fix" them!

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