Too late?

As autumn temperatures begin filling up the forecast calendar, I have a couple of plants that are in a race to bloom before it's too late, before the cold and frost take away their chance to seed.

The first is a dwarf sunflower which I planted late in the summer. Although the sunflower blooms were only nice for a few days before weather and pests uglied them up, they were really nice, and I wanted some of their late-season sunshine on the deck.


With only one plant that made it to blooming size (about 10" or 25cm), the display is not going to be as impressive as I had hoped.

Now I just want to see this one sunny face open and smiling at me for a few days. I think there's enough time left.

For the three Senna alata I have in the garden, I'm not sure there is though.

Although two of the three plants have formed flower buds, it seems like they're already out of time.

Since I've not grown these before I'm not sure what size the blooms get to when they open, but based on the state of the foliage...

... I'd say there's not much time left at all for these.

Those are some ugly leaves!

Hurry up plants -- I want to see these blooms!

I do have one of these potted and I'll try overwintering it in the garage. Next year I'll start the seeds earlier too, hopefully ensuring that the blooms will open long before the season ends.

I haven't given up hope for these yet though!


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