We all expect to see examples of wonderful fall color at this time of year (at least in this hemisphere). I know I do.

I didn't expect to see so much color from my Ensete maurelii, but I was surprised the other day.


Maybe I was just in the right mood, or perhaps the lighting was just right, but the dying leaves really made an impression.

This one's not dying yet

Sure, I boosted the colors a little bit in these photos, but only to give you the same impact that I felt when viewing them in person. In other words they're not quite this vibrant, but this is how they made me feel.

With a couple of nights touching the freezing point this weekend, the rest of this plant's leaves will soon die too, then it's into the garage for the winter.

I should enjoy it while I can!

(Note: Ensetes are related to, but aren't actually, bananas.)


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