Two webs

After yesterday's extremely long and photo-filled post looking at pollinators, I decided to make today a short one.

Two interesting and very different webs caught my eye in the sunlight yesterday morning.


Okay, one's not technically a web.

(the spider is going to be upset when I water this pot later today!)

They're both beautiful though, don't you think?

Does this make the castor bean leaf look more webby?

A long week, too hot, and the disappointment of a huge storm system that somehow missed me yesterday has weakened my will to write. Think I'll go spend some time in the garden... maybe that will help.


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Cat  – (August 3, 2012 at 6:04 PM)  

I'm sorry the storm missed you. Hopefully, you'll get some drenching rain soon. The webs are fascinating...I've got more than my fair share on the hard drive ;)

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