Just some things I saw

Last weekend we went to the Missouri Botanical Garden -- that's where I took the photos from the daylilies post.

This is just a little wrap-up of some interesting things I saw on this visit.


I've posted about my trips to this wonderful place several times before, and this time I was just going to walk around and enjoy the garden with my wife and not worry about photos. I couldn't help it though.

The Lantern Festival exhibit is in the garden this summer, and although I don't particularly like having the brightly-colored creations everywhere there were some notables, like these huge dragons made of dinner plates.

The iris garden was done blooming:

But the daylilies were in full flower (I posted about these already):

The biggest bamboo grove in the garden had been invaded by happy pandas (also part of the lantern festival):

Sitting on this great bench (I love photographing benches!):

Gives you this view:

It was so wonderful just sitting there in the breeze, listening to the occasional bullfrog croak.

I'll end this brief post with a view of the artificial "beauty" (by some accounts) of the lanterns that are here for the summer:

But I much prefer the natural beauty that is here every year, wherever you look:

I'm sure I'll be going back a few times this summer, as the Missouri Botanical Garden is such a great place to spend a beautiful day!


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Gail  – (June 9, 2012 at 6:35 PM)  

I love MOBOT! Lucky you to visit there....

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