Forgotten edibles

I've recently been showing you the veggie beds, giving an in-depth tour of the herbs, greens, tomatoes, peas and the rest.

I completely forgot that I have another "bed" of edibles this year -- on my driveway.


Since I have such limited room in the fenced veggie garden, I decided to grow a few things in big pots.

This isn't too unusual, as I like to put a tomato plant or some peppers in pots every summer. They typically don't do too well though for whatever reason: not enough water, potting mix that's too lean, deer browsing. Simple neglect.

So this year I went with completely new plants, including my first attempt at growing potatoes.

They're in deep pots, and also this grow bag that I made myself as an experiment:

I may post about the grow bag later this year, once I know how the experiment turned out. I'm not sure that it was worth the effort.

In any case, I continuously added soil as the plants grew in the hope of getting more tubers to form all along the stems. We'll see how that goes. I know other people get amazing yields of potatoes using this method, so why shouldn't I?

I'm also growing one sweet potato plant:

If you remember, this was the one that started growing in the cupboard this winter. Is it doing well? I have no idea.

I also have my sunchokes in pots too:

They probably want a lot more room than I'm giving them, so I may put them in even bigger pots soon. I can't find a great spot in the yard -- they really want to be in the ground I think -- so pots will have to suffice for this year.

Don't you just love potato blooms?

I hope I'll be loving some delicious potatoes later this summer too!


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Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)  – (May 23, 2012 at 11:47 AM)  

Can't wait to see how your potatoes turn out. My mom has always grown her own potatoes but she does it in a dedicated field near her house.

I just Jerusalem artichokes for the first time this year. No clue what to expect :-).

Christine  – (May 23, 2012 at 12:57 PM)  

The photo of the potato blossoms is beautiful!

Unknown  – (May 26, 2012 at 11:43 AM)  

i never knew potato blossoms were so lovely. are they edible?

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