Did I already mention that I spend a lot of time standing by the pond, just watching? Water beetles, tadpoles, water striders, countless different "flies", the occasional frog -- there's always so much going on!

When a dragonfly makes an appearance, I'm extra-excited though! A few times every year I see these large, cool fliers in my garden -- maybe because of the stream? -- but I hope to see a lot more of them now that I have a body of water they can enjoy.


I read that they love perching on sticks that reach out over the water, and this one seemed to be looking for just the right place to land. It tried a reed but it was too vertical. So was the nearby rebar pole:

So I stuck a bamboo cane into the ground angled over the water, and within 10 seconds the dragonfly was upon it!

So I just took photos for a while.

This is the common white-tailed dragonfly, Plathemis lydia. It's also a male. Bugguide is your friend in cases like this if you don't have an insect ID book.

I'm hoping this is just the first of many that I get to photograph this summer!


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sandy lawrence –   – (May 7, 2012 at 7:41 AM)  

Very nice, Alan. Dragonflies like to perch on the horsetail grass in my bog garden, but I've seen only the very thin, 'darning needle' ones here that are iridescent. Always enjoy your photos. Thanks.

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