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I started collecting photos a week ago for a post I was going to call "emergence" -- it was going to show all of the things that are bursting out in my garden, out of the soil, out of the branches of deciduous trees.

The problem is, most of the plants emerged weeks ago, so I wasn't able to find enough for a full post. So my photos sat and are now completely outdated. I instead decided to just post about nothing in particular. I do this every once in a while.


(Some may argue that my posts are always about nothing.)

The creeping wire vine that I overwintered in the garage has almost completely leafed out again.

My potted Maypop has broken dormancy. I wonder how the one in the ground is doing?

Plenty of dandelions around as usual, but they seem to be blooming and going to seed much earlier this year. To be expected I guess.

How can you not love these seed heads?

This rubber-stalked weed which has been identified as "dogbane" is really interesting:

Although it's been popping up in several places near the veggie garden, I'm pulling them and limiting it to a single plant. I've seen how big it can get, and cool stems or not, I don't need more than one.

It looks like I'll have a decent little blueberry crop this year, the second year for my two blueberry plants:

After I removed the vinca from around the stream the other day, I noticed that the bees were drinking there too:

They like sucking the moisture from the moss it appears. I wonder if it tastes better than getting it from the pond?

That clears out my folder of photos that just didn't make it into posts of their own.

I told you this would be about nothing in particular.


Blog Widget by LinkWithin  – (April 13, 2012 at 8:35 AM)  

Emergence - coming forth, revealing, advancing, the wonders of spring - Thanks for the insight.

christine @ the gardening blog  – (April 13, 2012 at 9:06 AM)  

I love the photograph of the blueberry plants - didn't realise they were so pretty!

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