First taste of sun

Like many gardeners, I've been starting plants from seed indoors over the past 4-6 weeks. Today they got their first taste of sunlight.

I've always got way more tomato seedlings than I can use, but the allure of the seed packets always wins out -- especially since I had access to seed from a lot of different varieties this year from a generous neighbor. The plants start out tiny and well-spaced, but then all of a sudden it's a jungle in there, and it's time to repot or at least get them off the plant table and give them some room.


With our weather is two months ahead of schedule, it's strange to be able to bring out tomato seedlings to harden off on April 1. I feel like I could plant these in the garden right now with almost no worries about late freezes -- but that would be foolish I think.

As soon as the morning sunlight hit these my first thought was: hairy!

Are tomato seedlings always this fuzzy, or is it just these varieties?

I suspect they're all like this, and I'm just noticing it because of the angle of the sunlight.

I've got a couple of non-edibles growing from seed too:

California poppy seedlings

This is the first time I started the California poppies indoors, as the ones I plant in the ground never germinate for me. I got the suggestion for germinating these indoors from Jenny at Rock Rose, whose wonderful walled Texas garden also got me to plant another flower I haven't tried for a few years:

Bluebonnets! I grew these early in my gardening career and loved them, but stopped for some reason -- probably because I got busy with other plants. I find them difficult to germinate too, as I usually only get about 1/3 of the seeds to sprout. I have three seedlings now, so that's a good start!

So the first morning of sunshine for these young plants, and a lot more space on the plant table inside for me!


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Gerhard Bock (Succulents and More)  – (April 2, 2012 at 9:39 AM)  

Amazing! Things couldn't be more different here. It have my six tomato seedlings on the window sill in my office so they get some warmth. Crazy weather for sure!

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